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Namaste there! This is Anvesha, who has always adored stories and thus her history books. But what she really loves is traveling. Places of architectural interests, in particular.

Once I was in Jaipur when I stood on the ramp of Amer fort and looked at the city and wondered, how colorful it would have been back when this fort was young. Architecture in turn is literature to me, a ballad painted all over the city. Primal built form here, eavesdropping into our lives ever since they’ve stood tall.

So, my dear lovely reader, you have landed yourself on a quality page. I intend to handpick and decorate this blog with clippers on magnanimous wonders that History gave us in the form of Buildings with drool-worthy photographs. Scroll through the page while I take you to the highway and we’ll travel to Beyond.


(n.)wanderlust; a strong desire to travel

“Like father, like daughter”. My father loves to travel, while I love to travel with him. Just to fit my tiny palm into his warm hands and blabber non-stop “Papa, hum kahan jaa rahe hai?“, while I kick off a pebble with my toddler legs and it does not move. So I stop to pick it up , that is when he tells me about the kind of rock it is. The four-year-old brain of mine understands nothing, yet I smile. Now I run and gather five other stones and bring them to him. That is when he says, ” Beta, yeh toh mere interest ki cheez hai, tum bade hoke travel karna, aur apni interest ki cheeze mujhe dikhana“.

So here is this blog, with my views and takes on Architecture for my Geologist father.

Also, both of us would fight for camera, until he bought one for me on my 18th birthday. Coincidence that both of us like photography? I think not :’)






7 Natural Wonders of India

Indian subcontinent, is blessed with multitudes of Geological features. It is surrounded by water bodies from the three sides and is thus known to be a peninsula. With such geographical coordinates, various land-forms have roots here ever since a million years. The country itself is a Wonderland. Listed here are seven of the natural marvels this nation is jeweled with.

A Knock on the Door to Past…

….These interactions ensure their quality of life. They surround themselves with people to witness ravages and cheers of life together. To relish and support the human connection and thrive well on it. Such a settlement, that grows old with history it carries deserves recognition and care. Or how else would we continue to drive on our HIGHWAY TO BEYOND?  


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